IT takes a special kind of talent to transform a philosophical book about eternity into a riotous comedy, but Bill Scott of Miracle Theatre has succeeded in doing just that with amazing skill.

A cast of four actors take on a variety of roles as they bring to vibrant life Flann O’Brien’s surreal novel and transform it into a manic version of Father Ted as a policeman on a bicycle.

When a young couple kill an old man for his cash box, things look bad but in no time at all, the plot becomes a satirical masterpiece in which the world is sausage shaped and the local police force are frightened of the telephone and are only interested in bicycles.

Performed in the open air, the cast make the most of the opportunity to cycle round the arena as much as possible and they join in the party atmosphere, circulating among the audience and helping them finish off their snacks.

Catherine Lake is in fine form as the bewildered seeker of the cash box while Ben Kernow, Benjamin Dyson and Hannah Stevens play many parts as they portray crazed characters in a story line that includes a scaffold being constructed, a one-legged army on the march and a magic room where time stands still and eternity is , well, eternal.

The Cornish-based company return to Dorset in August with outdoor performances taking place near Shaftesbury, Sherborne and Wareham.

And if you like the trombone, be sure to go as the instrument forms the background music to a physical comedy show that is fun for all the family.