OPERA Anywhere are an Oxfordshire-based touring company that sets out to makes musical productions fun, and with Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operas, that is not a difficult task.

A cast of nine delivered a musical treat for their final show of this production that was easy listening and which made the most of the silly story and added a lot of new lyrics to a tale of hijinks in Japan where the mikado’s son runs away from home when he is told he must marry an ugly lady whose only assets are her elbows.

With a gorgeous and well-loved score, the young singers bring rich tones and harmony to the work along with impressive acting skills that bring the story colour and life to create a musical event to remember.

Beautiful accompaniment of the work was performed by pianist Richard Baker and flautist Nick Planas who gave a thoroughly professional touch to the comic work which pulled out all the stops for laughs. Predictably, the lyrics took on a contemporary touch with sly digs at recent political events and of course a certain chap named Trump.

The cast were headed by Eleanor James as Yum-Yum and Tristan Stocks as Nanki-Poo as the young lovers in a modestly staged production that nevertheless gave the famous work a colourful atmosphere enriched with fine singing which even a couple of minor glitches did not spoil.

The company are also touring with The Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore.