Royal Manor Theatre, Portland

WHEN a retirement home for actors gets a new tenant, Walter, the inmates are delighted as he is much more cheerful company than resident Danny a former actor who is permanently in tears over the death of his wife.

So far so good until the Edmund, the ex-husband of three of the inmates shows up looking for help because he is being sought by the Russian mafia who are out for revenge over the disappearance of the mafia boss’s mother.

Abduction, phony French accents, guns and a man in a kilt all add to the fun in this screwball comedy that is played strictly for laughs by the cast of the Royal Manor Theatre group.

Stanway Williams gets the action under way as Walter, the new arrival at the home and he joins in the plot to save sex-mad Edmund, played by Chris Matthews who seeks the help of Lizzie Green, Kathy McCabe and Elfrida Strom taking on the roles of three of his ex-wives who know more than they tell when the mafia boss arrives.

Meanwhile, the cry-baby tenant Danny, played by James Laming, finds happiness in the person of a new maid, portrayed by Carla Rogers who shares with him some very odd bedroom routines that are best left unsaid.

With Robbie Donnelly as the angry Russian Mafia boss, the cast go for broke in this riotous comedy written by Lynn Brittney which is full of twists and turns and gives the audiences a good night out.

Other roles are nicely played by Sandra Maddison and Vicky Short as the home’s staff members,

The production continues for the rest of the week.