I have been looking forward to this show for ages as I somehow managed to miss Alison the last time she stopped off in Bournemouth and I am pretty certain she was also at this years IOW Festival and I missed that as well.

So tonight was the night to catch up. I must be honest and say that I was a big fan thirty years ago but have probably drifted in and out a bit over the last twenty years or so so expected there to be sections of songs that were new to me.

The main event started with a dark stage and some spoken word/poetry and I did wonder what the rest of the evening held in store, but I needn’t have worried.

When Alison took to the stage we were promised a mixture of songs old and new and something in between and as the show progressed that’s exactly what we got.

A great selection of the old popular hits from Yazoo and the early solo albums put in an appearance throughout the set and not just all placed at the end as a way of pleasing the crowd. Another Page in Your Diary, Only You, All Cried Out and Situation were separated by songs that I did not recognise but were just as warmly received by the crowd.

Special mention must go to John Garden and Sean McGhee who were the only two musicians on stage but put on a show that would put most larger bands to shame.

Also to the stage set and lighting designer who kept the stage looking pretty minimal but filled each space with light creating one of the best shows I have seen all year.

Alison’s voice has changed ever so slightly over the years but has retained all of its power and she can still deliver a Blues number or belt out a pop song as well as she ever did.

The crowd appreciated every second of the show and main set closer Love Resurrection came far too soon.

The encore consisted of a brilliant version of Whispering Your Name and an even better Don’t Go that left everyone on a real high.

One things for certain I won’t make the mistake of missing the gig next time Alison heads this way.