This is the fun fictional story of how Bournemouth might have got its name.

More than a century ago, local families living around the pretty chine where the Bourne stream meets the sea, are encouraged to suggest a name for the developing area between Poole and Christchurch.

The story also features three young ladies looking for husbands – the wealthy Beth Tapps-Gervis and Emily Tregonwell contrasting with the feisty Saffron (convincingly played by the hugely self-confident Libby Herbert.)

Written and directed by Jim Jones, who also plays the panto-type pink wig Dame Cherry Winkle displaying strong vocals on the ballad My Boy, this original production features ten newly written songs.

Gentle humour is provided by Patrick D’Ardenne playing the wealthy George Tapps-Gervis.

Strong vocals are delivered by Calvin Glen as the comedic Crabby Creeke on Smugglers Rap and Libby Herbert’s hooky I’ll Steal Their Dreams.

Sibel Berkoz, playing Beth Tapps-Gervis, conveys convincing acting and reacting skills, while Ashleigh Barker as Perry Winkle delivers some powerful heartfelt vocals.

Stage lighting is effective, although stage scenery is minimal, giving a very empty feel to the stage and not helping the actors to react to their surroundings.

Musical backing is pre-recorded, unfortunately giving some of the numbers a karaoke atmosphere.

Particularly uplifting is the stirring finale A Town Is Bournemouth, (the place for you and me!)