IT was rather fitting for Diversity to open their latest production with the theme tune from The Greatest Showman.

What followed was, quite simply, one of the most breathtakingly brilliant evenings of entertainment you could ever wish to see.

Billed as a “street dance circus spectacular”, the Ignite tour, which plays Canford Park Arena until Sunday, November 4, fuses the talents of BGT winners Diversity with the skills of a group of professional circus performers.

It’s a winning combination, made only more exciting by the fact that the show is staged in a 2,000-seater touring circus tent.

We fell in love with the incredibly talented youngster whose story acted as a narrative for the evening; covered our eyes during the crazy contortion act; had our hearts in our mouths at the death-defying escapology and “wheels of death”’ and roared our appreciation when the dancing and acrobatics for which Diversity are known brought the house (or should I say big top) down.

We left, utterly spellbound.

It is testament to the creative talents of Diversity founder and choreographer – enigmatic showman Ashley Banjo - that an act which won a talent show ten years ago is still at the top of its game.

They can boast seven sell-out UK tours, half a million tickets sold and countless television and live performances.

With genius concepts like this, it is easy to see why.

Want to see the greatest show on earth? Get a ticket for Ignite.