Weymouth Pavilion

THE subtitle of this show is the Great British Take-off and, sure enough, the audience enjoyed a whole host of voices being taken off by this amazingly skilled impersonator who was the voice of famous men from Tony Blair to Alan Bennett in the Dead Ringers radio and television series.

As Jon walks on to the stage, in no time at all the place is filled with politicians from near and far, led by Donald Trump who says how much he admires Great Britain and that chap William Shatner from Stratford upon Avon who wrote all those plays.

Accompanied onstage by Bill Dare the producer of Dead Ringers and its forbear Spitting Image, the satire just keeps coming as Michael Portillo tells us about some of the boring train journeys he has made, Patrick Moore gives us the weather forecast and Andy Murray almost manages a smile.

This being Weymouth, their usual routine of ordering a pizza from a local provider does not quite work out as promised although a couple of pizzas finally arrive after various famous voices eventually place an order accompanied by hoots of laughter from the audience.

As Jeremy Corbyn, Stormzy and Steven Gerrard queue up to entertain us with wildly witty anecdotes, the genius of Jon just gets better all the time, a man in a million.