IT had all the glitz and glamour of Strictly Come Dancing with an extra helping of outrageously risqué humour.

The Ballroom Boys, featuring Vincent Simone and Ian Waite from the popular BBC contest, took to the stage at Weymouth Pavilion.

Sweeping down the aisles to the sound of Let's Face the Music and Dance, the Tango-legend and King of the Ballroom opened the show with a bang, giving a taste of what was in store over the next two hours. Adopting the style of a variety show, The Ballroom Boys flitted between breathtaking dances by the two stars and their partners, to beautiful vocals and hilarious comedy reminiscent of a stand-up gig.

The fond friendship between Vincent and Ian was tangible, and the pair were joined by a vocalist from the West End. James Lomas, now 29, was one of the original Billy Elliots in the musical adaptation, winning the Laurence Olivier Award for best actor alongside his two co-stars in 2006. His talent seems to have only improved with time, and as he belted a spine-tingling rendition of The Greatest Showman's This Is Me, I couldn't help but think he deserved a show of his own.

There was dance aplenty to satisfy the many Strictly fans in the audience, with professional female dancers accompanying Vincent in his toe-tapping Tango and Ian in his brilliant ballroom. I suspect that more of these spectacular dance numbers would not have gone amiss.

The Ballroom Boys were also eager to involve the audience members, who almost filled the stalls of the Pavilion. A moment in the first half had us in fits of giggles, as brave volunteers dressed up as musical icons and strutted their stuff to the likes of Elton John and Madonna, Freddie Mercury and Tina Turner.

I expected to see Ian and Vincent dominate the stage, showing off their much-loved talents and celebrated routines to an audience devoted to Strictly. They certainly demonstrated their world-class dancing, but the show offered us more: adult humour beyond what the BBC permits, interspersed with high-quality vocals and hilarious banter.

The Ballroom Boys certainly worked their magic: it would have been difficult for anyone not to enjoy this eclectic and entertaining evening.