HOW do you keep hundreds of children as quiet as mice?

By magic, that’s how.

CBeebies presenter Chris Jarvis did a sterling job holding a concert hall full of youngsters’ attention at a special Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra event.

Dressed in a bright blue suit and colourful T-shirt, he showed how classical music can be accessible for all ages during this fun afternoon performance.

This was a BSO concert with a difference – from face painting in the foyer beforehand to selfies with Chris afterwards.

Chris introduced the orchestra and explained various instruments and musical techniques to the young audience.He used pictures, storytelling and song to keep the children entertained and bring each piece to life.

Highlights included The Firebird by Stravinsky, Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King and music from Harry Potter.

Modern devices like inviting audience members to learn a special song for the day online beforehand or ‘tweet’ paintings afterwards brought things bang up to date.

From babes-in-arms to grandparents, the Lighthouse audience were transported into a magical world of music and make believe for over an hour.

Everyone had the chance to join in through clapping, making animal noises, holding hands and making spells. This was aimed at all the family and included tales of princesses, trolls and witches for children alongside lessons about composers from Grieg to Williams for ‘grown-ups’.

The BSO performed superbly and Chris’ charisma carried us all away and either sparked or re-ignited an enthusiasm for classical music.