Corn Exchange, Dorchester

A 49 year old comedy impressionist who four years ago decided to learn to play the piano and who now performs classical works in live shows around the country – now that is a really good joke, or is it?

Alistair rose to fame in the television satirical classic Spitting Image with his brilliant impressions of political figures and television personalities and in this concert he still demonstrates this skill as he pokes irreverent fun at Andy Murray, Jo Brand, Giles Brandreth and even David Attenborough to the delight of an audience who thought they had just come to hear a piano recital.

Well they were right because in between the witty jokes, Alistair tells us about some of the composers whose works he intends to play whereupon he launches into a number of short uncomplicated pieces by among others, Chopin, Gershwin, Bach and Greig.

“Hands up anyone who knows all the pieces I have played”, he says at one point and it comes as no surprise to see that only two people were familiar with his choice of works since they are rarely heard at concerts, being strictly for the learner. That said, it takes courage to perform in public after so short a time and when he makes some mistakes during the concert, it is easy to forgive such an amiable personality.

His choice of works also brings out a more thoughtful sensitive side to his nature that audiences usually miss in a man who is now revealed as a great deal more than a comedian whose funny voices makes us laugh.