WITH 143 miles of footpaths, 193,000 acres of land to explore and over 60 pubs, the New Forest is the perfect place to enjoy a pub walk

Here are the Top 10 Pub Walks to try....

1. Lyndhurst Parish Walk (8.5 miles)

Lyndhurst is a beautiful village surrounded by the forest. Depending on which route you decide to take on the trail, you could pass a total of seven pubs including two traditional country pubs, The Waterloo Arms and The New Forest Inn.

2. Brook to Minstead

On this forest walk from Brook to Minstead, you will pass by Rufus Stone to discover the mystery surrounding the death of King William II. The route will lead you to the quaint village on Minstead, where the famous detective writer Sir Arthur Conon Doyle is buried in the grounds of All Saints Church. Stop off at The Trusty Servant at Minstead Green.

3. Burley Village

This 4/5-mile walk starts and finishes in Burley Village Centre, next to the Burley Inn pub – so all you need to decide is whether you would like to start or finish your walk at the pub, or both! Head out on this circular walk around the village of Burley, on the top of the slightly uphill climb are beautiful views across Avon Valley.

4. North Taste Trail

The North Taste Trail is a longer walk for the more adventurous, at 15 miles. Starting at Abbotswell Car Park, follow the instructions that will take you to Fritham, past The Royal Oak (a quaint low beamed pub with a traditional forest feel) and down to Eyeworth Pond. After a little walk around the pond, follow the route where you will end up at The Fighting Cocks – a great place for some hearty food to fuel the rest of the walk.

5. The Royal Oak, Hilltop

Make your way to the pub, park up in the car park and head out across the forest. You will probably see some New Forest Ponies and loads of other wildlife – then head back to the pub for some refreshment.

6. The Drift Inn

This pub is located opposite the Beaulieu Road Pony Sales Yard, where you can see across the landscape for miles. This walk is wonderful at all times of day, but if you’re lucky, this is one of the best spots to see the sunset across the forest. The Drift Inn has a delicious menu and fantastic drinks selection This walk is also easily accessible by car, train (Beaulieu Road station) or bike.

7. The Rising Sun

Near to The Rising Sun is a great mix of woodland and grassland, and another great spot to see ponies, cattle and even donkeys. The Rising Sun is a great family pub, and with a play area for the kids/

8. Hatchet Moor – Turfcutters Arms

Turfcutters Arms is a cosy pub with a large garden outback, with fantastic seasonal menus and a great selection of local drinks it’s a perfect place to visit all year round. If you head out of the front door of the pub and up the road ahead of you, you will find yourself in the middle of the forest on your left. Whether just 10 minutes or an hour, this is a great place for a stroll.

9. Norleywood – Walhampton Arms

The Walhampton Arms offers a combination of pub classics and modern, more contemporary dishes,The Norleywood Enclosure is just up the road and with a free car park so it's a great place to get out and explore.

10. Shepards Gutter/Canada Common – The Mortimer Arms

The Mortimer Arms is perfect for a drink, snack or a meal, and is just around the corner from Canada Common and Shepards Gutter.

* For more inspiration, visit thenewforest.co.uk