These days for a lot of us it seems as though free time is a luxury! Could a 15 minute workout (15mw) really help you get the body you want? 

I have been using 15mw’s myself for years. Admittedly I usually train for an hour at 7:15am each weekday, but sometimes I just can’t fit an hour in. I find a hard 15mw hits the spot, helps me to stay in shape and leaves me focussed, energised and sometimes a bit knackered afterwards too!

My opinion of short duration training sessions is that they work as long as the intensity of the workout that you do is high. With regular short high intensity exercise, as long as you regularly use them you can definitely see some great results.

15 minutes spent with your phone off and working out vigorously and constructively giving it your all is more productive than spending an hour half heartedly going through the motions with your mind a million miles away from what you are actually doing.

During 15mw’s you get little/no rest and work at a high rate throughout. Never sacrifice good technique and safety for speed. A downside of short duration workouts is that 15 minute sessions are not long enough in duration to thoroughly tax your body’s endurance energy systems.

I would suggest that as well as regular 15mw’s you also need to get out and try a jog, swim, cycle for more than 30 minutes to give your aerobic energy systems some decent training once or twice a week.

Exercise sessions featuring resistance training and short intense bursts of exercise (15mw’s) are far more effective at burning off calories and reducing subcutaneous fat than steady pace cardiovascular exercise alone.

Short burst training protocols are commonly referred to as high intensity interval training and are easily performed at home. If you enjoy this type of exercise and would like to join a HIIT class then check out to find out more.

As with any exercise, stay within your comfort zone until you are sure you are competent and safe, and then gradually push your exercise boundaries as your confidence grows.

These videos contain general ideas for fitness and healthy living, but they are not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice for you as an individual. You must take personal responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

Performing exercises can pose a risk to the exerciser, so before exercising check any equipment you are using is in good condition and be sure to know your own limits. You should consult a doctor if you have any questions regarding your health or the suitability of any fitness programme.

Use the guide below and follow the exercise instruction in the video – good luck, go get fit and enjoy it!

15 minute workout.docx

Well done if you made it through the 15 minute workout – it’s intense so give yourself a pat on the back.

Try some gentle marching on the spot to cool down and then have a go at the stretch video below.

Now you have a 15 minute workout to use at home the ‘I don’t have enough time to exercise’ excuse won’t really wash. Remember if you want to get fitter and feel the benefits then you do have to put in some work – but I promise the reward for your time and effort are most definitely worth it.

See you all in three weeks for another workout video session

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There are seven fitness mission workouts that you can try and you can mix and match your home exercise sessions:

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Until next time – get fit and stay fit!