It’s been a month of celebration for the Stevens family.

Mum Amanda, 42, and dad Craig, 35, were voted Couple of the Year by their Slimming World group at Castlepoint, while son Morgan celebrated his 13th birthday in healthy style.

The family, together with other son Zach, 15, are all on a Slimming World weight loss journey together, and we’re bringing you up to date with their progress. Amanda wants to lose at least 10 stone, Craig wants to shed five, while the boys are also set on leading a healthier lifestyle.

“On Morgan’s birthday, he opted for a Slimming World meal, which in this case was gammon, Slimming World chips and spaghetti hoops. On the plan you can eat a lot more than you realise!” explained Amanda who lives in Canford Heath with her family.

He also had a birthday cake – no food is ‘banned’ – but he decided to give most of it away. “He offered it to friends and family,” explained Amanda. “While he once would have eaten a whole cake, he only ate about a quarter. It really is sinking in about good choices.”

Since we featured them on this page last month, Amanda has lost more than half a stone, as has husband Craig who bagged his award for losing a stone after only six weeks on Slimming World.

Zach has been given his half a stone award while Morgan has lost around 8lb in six weeks.

“The boys aren’t being told to lose weight as teenagers tend to fluctuate a lot. They haven’t been given a target, they just need to keep things on an even keel.

Recently one of them was asked by some friends to go to Nandos and he thought he couldn’t go but I told him of course he could!

“He ate chicken breast and only had chips and not a bread roll.

“It was the processed food that was our downfall,” explained Amanda, who has lost a total of four and a half stone. “I make my own chicken nuggets now as they are so much healthier.”

As part of the family’s new healthy lifestyle, they have a new springer spaniel cross puppy called Jax. “We all take turns to walk him and it gets us out of the house and away from various screens!”

We will continue to follow the Stevens’ progress in the coming months as they work with Slimming World to try to achieve their goals and become an altogether fitter and healthier family.