My mission to get Echo readers exercising at home is flying high and the hit counts from the previous 11 articles show that lots of you have been trying my workouts.

So far we have used very little equipment, but now is the time to add some external resistance to boost strength, keep up your progress and give you a fitter, leaner and more toned look.

As well as boosting your fitness and body shape, resistance training improves your brain function and mental health, it increases bone mineral density (lowering risk of osteoporosis and stress fracture type injuries), and reduces risk of chronic illness. Simply put – get resistance training IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!

You can catch up on all the previous fitness mission workouts below:

For today’s workout you will need to get hold of a resistance tube. They’re cheap, versatile, readily available from all good sports shops/online, and they come in grades from beginner to super strong so pick yours accordingly.

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Before attempting these exercises, check with your GP if you doubt your suitability to safely participate in any of the exercises shown and be reminded that you participate entirely at your own risk. If you use any equipment check it is in good order and if you are balancing on anything check that it is not likely to break or slip. Remember to warm up and cool down after exercise to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

If toning up is your goal try between 14 and 25 repetitions for one to three sets at a two second down and two second up speed with 30 seconds break between sets. If getting stronger is your goal try one to four sets of between six and 12 repetitions, going super slowly will work you even harder, rest for no more than 90 seconds between sets. Good luck – go and add some extra resistance to your routines.

Click here for a video on how to warm up

Now try some cool down stretches

Hopefully you enjoyed the resistance tube exercises, there are loads more moves to learn, look out for them in next month’s workout.

Remember if you want the summer body eat healthily and in moderation, get to bed early, stay hydrated and be strict with your exercise regime – stick to your guns with no excuses and you will be unstoppable.

If you are not getting in shape as fast as you would like, try personal training with me to boost your fitness up an extra gear or try one of my exercise classes to get you motivated, positive and taking action.

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I don’t bite and will help you get the best from your workouts.

Until next time stay fit and healthy.