The Stevens family are looking forward to summer.

Having been on a healthy eating regime with Slimming World for the last few months the entire family, who live in Canford Heath, are excited about donning shorts, going for walks and tucking into fresh salads this year.

We’ve been following the efforts of Amanda, 42, Craig, 35, and their children Zach, 15, and Morgan,13, as they attempt to lose weight, shape up and adopt an altogether healthier lifestyle.

It’s been another month of progress for the family who, despite a holiday in Devon, have all managed to shed the pounds.

Amanda, who has already lost more than four stone, lost a further 8.5lbs while they were away, while Craig has lost around 7lbs in the last month, and Zach lost 4.5lbs and Morgan lost 3lbs.

“We did quite a lot of walking,” said Amanda.

“I think the boys put on about 1lb each while we were away, but there were no big weight gains, which there would have been before. We didn’t eat out or anything. We didn’t think we would enjoy it, but it worked quite well.

“Normally we would eat late when we got back from the clubhouse, but we ate before we went, so that was quite a big change. They went swimming and I cooked while they were there.”

Amanda said the whole family was feeling confident about continuing their new, healthier lifestyle into the summer months.

“I think it’s easier in the summer,” she said.

“I love buying big water melons and cutting them up as snacks. I think it encourages the boys as well, because they think if they carry on with the healthy eating they won’t feel self-conscious about wearing shorts and things, so that’s really important.”

The family admit they are rather partial to takeaways, so they’re loving the new Slimming World takeaway book.

“It’s really good,” said Amanda.

“We made the chicken nuggets, which were really good, so we are going to use that quite a bit this month.

“It’s just about trying to make this healthier lifestyle our everyday life.”