The catwalks continuously provide us with beauty inspiration, frequently transporting us into different decades of glamour but forever imbued with the magic of modern day twists.

Make-up giants Max Factor are celebrating 100 years of creating beautiful looks, with one of them being an all round favourite – ’70s glam. Not only did many designers opt for the timeless make-up theme on the runways, I dare say it’ll be the look that we will be lusting for this coming party season!

With the alluring combination of coloured metallics and glossy lips the ’70s glam look was immensely popular in its day, but fast-forward four decades and the beauty phenomenon has made a ravishing return, and of course, is injected with some contemporary creativity.

The trick to keep the look modern is to blend the golden and bronze metallic shades together well, creating a sultry, sophisticated, yet enticing glamorous aura. No eye area would be complete without mascara and the ’70s saw lashings of it, making features dramatically stand out.

Another make-up story that was embraced throughout the ’70s era was ‘barely-there beauty’, which saw the magic ingredient being in the lighter foundations, resulting in the compromise of coverage and natural-looking skin. For concealing imperfections as well as leaving one’s complexion looking beautifully natural, Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer Foundation is the product you should opt for.

To achieve the latest trendy ’70s glam beauty story, look towards the following Max Factor make-up marvels and try the dazzling design out on you. Be prepared to welcome an array of compliments…

1. Begin with a brush and apply the Skin Luminizer Foundation, £12.99, which works wonders for the contours of your face. Once powdering evenly, pick up the brand’s Bronzing Powder in Bronze, £6.99, and stroke underneath your cheek bones to create a refined yet not too heavy line.

2. To accomplish well defined eyebrows and eyelids that demand colour coverage, opt for Masterpiece Colour Precision Eye Shadow in Pearl Beige, £6.99, and dot this on the inner corner of your eyes and under the brow bone.

3. Wild Shadow Pot in Feral Brown, £4.99, is the hue to apply underneath your lower lashes as well as in the socket creases. Simply use a cotton bud to smudge and style. Blend in Max Effect Dip-in Eye Shadow in Ibiza Sunrise, £5.99, over your lids to create a wonderful, intense look. For long, lush lashes Max Factor’s new Masterpiece Transform Mascara maximises the volume.

4. Max Factor’s collection includes a genius two-toned lipstick which complement each other on either end of the product. And so, to complete your sexy ’70s glam look, dust powder over your lips, then, on the outer edge of your lips paint on Flipstick Colour Effect Lipstick in Swingly Brown, £8.99, in the darkest shade, followed by blending the lighter colour on the centre.

Until next time, stay beautiful!