Beauty expert Katie Farley tracks the autumn trends

Consistently elating us with the new and innovative, the beauty industry is exciting, with ever-evolving products, magical make-up marvels, and break-through beauty bombs that enhance our regime.

October 2014 is no exception, with a host of beauty news absolutely worthy of making headlines; you’ll be itching to get your beautifully manicured hands on what’s to come this season!

From big designer beauty debuts that are sure to be the start of something pretty grand in its field, to swoon-worthy fragrances and epic cult collaborations with make-up giants, this month summarises the stylish, sophisticated, and the sexy… Gucci, the fabulous fashion house who recently conveyed elements that journeyed back to the ’70s as inspiration for their spring/summer 2015 collection, is now very much looking forward with its new take on beauty; a beautiful and concise cosmetic line that hits department stores this month.

Promising to provide everything a woman could want in her make-up bag, and encased with the exquisite visual – a glossy black finish peppered with the requisite interlocking Gs – the new collection boats perfection. The label has proved it can do beauty in a big way.

Eye pencils are soft and long-wear and are immovable after 30 seconds of application, the 18 shades of dewy foundation are said to remain luminous even after 12 hours, and Gucci’s mattifying but hydrating serum magically blurs and creates a silken, crease-free base for your make-up.

These cosmetics are opulent objects of desire and practically fragrance-free, projecting a ‘need it now’ cry out to all fashionista beauty fans.

There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new perfume. Times change and so should your scent, injecting a new smell of identity and leaving others thinking: ‘I wonder who she’s wearing?’ October offers some really sophisticated scents that’ll be your new update in no time.

For the young and cool there’s Girl by king of swagger and style Pharrell Williams. His new fragrance is in collaboration with fashion designer Comme des Garcons, and being ironically created for both boys and girls, it reeks of confidence and is imbued with an amazing woody, distinctive scent. (£80)

Attracting young foodies with a sweet tooth, Yves Saint Laurent’s latest smelling sensation, Black Opium, comprises a floral combination of coffee beans, vanilla, jasmine and orange blossom. (£62) Giants of British fashion Burberry have crafted a sweet pea, bergamot, damask and quince mix, which ultimately mimics the waft of gardens after the rain, trench coat optional! (£90)

We can always rely on MAC Cosmetics to conjure up uber-alluring make-up collections. Masters at collaborating with ‘it’ design houses and celebrities, their latest make-up partnership is with the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and goes on sale in perfect time for Halloween!

Celebrating the film’s 40th anniversary, the fabulous, outlandish and utterly brilliant movie and stage phenomenon in conjunction with the beauty brand has launched a 21-piece range that encapsulates transformation, diversity, individuality and fantasy.

Inspired by the powerful make-up looks of the film characters, expect glitter, dramatic colour, and plenty of blood-red lipstick. Fishnets at the ready!