As leader of the Free Energy Party UK, Lisa Nolson takes her role very seriously.

And it’s a subject she is clearly passionate about.

“It’s about becoming self-reliant in a planetary way,” she explained.

“Free energy overcomes the war for oil and pollution.

“Natural cures overcome artificial pharmaceuticals that do more damage than good, and we have permaculture, where we are planning food forests for communities to stop the raping of the planet for beef.”

It sounds like a huge mission, but Lisa, who also works as a life coach, is adamant she can raise awareness of these issues and change the ways of the world.

The Free Energy Party UK is part of a worldwide movement which has recently launched a campaign to build magnet-driven generators which produce free energy and make energy accessible for all.

“We go and kill each other to feed our energy source,” said Lisa, a mother-of-three from Alderholt.

“Whether it’s oil or food or water, we’ve gone to every corner of the British Empire, we leave people destitute and we think we’re alright, but we’re not.

“The elite are keeping the energy from the masses.

“Putting petrol in your car is very expensive.

“Thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq have died so we are able to do that.

“The whole planet is producing enough resources for everyone to not just survive, but thrive.”

Lisa, 42, is now intent on spreading the word about the party’s aims, and showing people there is an alternative.

“Little steps are freeing up information, giving people choice.

“It’s up to us to say that’s not okay,” she said.

“The minute that you give people energy they no longer need to buy into oil.

“You’ve got hydro, you’ve got magnetic, we have all natural cures and we’ve got permaculture.

“If you have access to these things – energy, shelter, pharmaceuticals, food etc – we no longer need to be part of this system.”

She may be the UK party’s leader, but Lisa is adamant that everyone can make a difference to the planet.

“I hate the word ‘leader’,” she said.

“It’s not about being the leader, it’s about being responsible for yourself and it’s about helping other people.

“I feel better about me if I’ve made a difference to somebody.

“This has taken on an energy of its own.”

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