Former fashion model Simone Thomas knows first-hand about the trauma of hair loss.

For the 32-year-old businesswoman has lost her locks several times. Once as a result of treatment for cervical cancer ten years ago, and twice through alopecia.

She has also suffered with a hair pulling disorder called Trichotillomania. “I used to pull my hair out – I still do it now at the back of my head if I’m stressed or agitated. I don’t even realise I’m doing it sometimes.”

But now Simone makes a living helping other women feel good about wearing a wig.

For although she was familiar with hair accessories after working in the beauty business, when she started looking at wigs to cover up her hair loss she hit a dead end.

“I found that many of them were rather old fashioned and not very comfortable to wear – there was nothing funky.”

A few years ago she set up MWAH (Make-Up, Wigs And Hair), a hair and beauty salon in Seamoor Road, Westbourne.

She also stocks a wide selection of wigs and hair pieces in every conceivable style and colour.

“The hair loss wigs look very realistic,” she says.

“It gives you a real confidence boost which is important when you’re going through cancer treatment or alopecia.

“When you find the right wig, no-one would know.

“I still have hair extensions because I don’t feel confident unless I’ve got long hair. My eyebrows have never grown back though, I don’t know why, but I have them tattooed on now.”

Simone who was a finalist in this year’s Venus women’s small business awards, is also looking to expand her business later this year.

“I wish there was more awareness about hair loss awareness – there are millions of sufferers for all sorts of reasons.

“It can really affect peoples lives in so many ways.”

Tried and tested

Simone also specialises in hair thickening treatments using a product range called the Nioxin System – a three-step programme which includes a cleanser to remove follicle clogging oils and residues, a scalp revitalising treatment containing antioxidants and peppermint oil, and a lightweight conditioner.

To begin with Simone examines my scalp using a nanoscope, and examines the image on her laptop and takes a picture. 

My hair is then washed, dried and styled, before Simon re-examines my scalp and takes an after picture.

It is clear from the photographic evidence that my scalp is much cleaner than before, even though I always wash my hair every day.

Simon explained that the clogged hair follicles are caused by product build-up. 

But what really impressed me was the fact that I didn’t have to wash my hair for several days afterwards. 

For a free consultation, contact Simone on 01202 760003.