She is arguably the world’s most famous movie icon of all time, but Marilyn Monroe has been immortalised in a new collection of classic prints.

Acclaimed artist Simon Claridge has worked with photographs handpicked from Twentieth Century Fox studio archives to create six beautiful silkscreen images of the star, which have now been embellished with sparkling diamond dust.

Six images from Fox Presents the Films of Marilyn: The Diamond Dust Collection, are now on display at Westover Gallery in Bournemouth until the end of February.

“I’ve always regarded myself as a portrait painter, it’s where my passion lies,” said Simon, whose work captures the female form in all its splendour.

“For me, the screen shots of Marilyn from her Fox movies are the ultimate portrait – it doesn’t get any better.

“I made sure that the six images sat well as a whole together – so there’s a span of how Marilyn comes across: at once as a playful dancer, in another image a more sultry and appealing stage siren, and conversely, a more innocent girl behind the scenes away from the spotlight.”

Simon’s The Diamond Dust Collection represents Marilyn in symbolic black and white, enveloped in what has now become his trademark “diamond dust” as a nod to the glamour and opulence of Hollywood.

Using the glittering diamond dust on each image, Simon aims to portray something of the aura of Marilyn and the luminescence of her being under the spotlight.

“She’s the ultimate portrait,” he explained.

“I began specialising in portraiture and of course, never got, or will get the chance to paint her. She’s fascinating in photography though and the pull is in trying to capture her and all her different sides.

“Choosing the images was the hardest part of the whole process – at the beginning I was literally flagging up every one because they were all fabulous and I could see how they could finish as a work of art.

“In the end I went with my gut instinct, and picked my favourites.”

Simon has established a reputation for working with by-gone iconic female celebrities and models throughout history as subjects, such as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn.

He has enjoyed many accolades in his career to date, was commissioned by Alfa Romeo, created artwork for Henry Holland, and counts LA stylist Rachel Zoe among his collectors.

Simon’s latest collection is sure to build on his expansive portfolio and reputation for perfecting and reinterpreting images from past eras.

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