Sometimes, just eating chocolate is not enough. That’s the ethos of the team at the world’s only chocolate themed hotel, located in Bournemouth, who are now spreading their love for all things cocoa overseas.

Their popular chocolate themed workshops have already proved a hit on UK soil, and now Gerry Wilton and Huw Davies, from the family-owned Chocolate Boutique Hotel, are riding the crest of a wave after taking the activity onto cruise liners.

The pair are teaching guests the art of chocolate making on board the Thomson Celebration and Thomson Dream ships as they cruise the Caribbean islands.

As well as covering the history of chocolate, the fun, floating workshops will also include chocolate tasting and Belgian chocolate truffle making and guests can find out how to craft a chocolate pizza.

Gerry is working with guests on board the Thomson Celebration for a 12-night Transatlantic Moments Cruise, which sails from Barbados to Tenerife, taking in the Spice island of Grenada, as well as St Lucia, famous for its cocoa industry.

Huw is joining those on board the Thomson Dream’s Transatlantic Sunset Cruise, which takes in Caribbean islands before sailing back to Majorca.

“The Caribbean is held in high regard as a cocoa-producing region so this is a perfect opportunity for guests to find out how the humble cocoa bean is transformed into delicious chocolate,” said Gerry.

“At the end of these sessions, guests could find they’re Britain’s answer to Willy Wonka in The Art of Chocolate Making.”

After being inspired after seeing their first chocolate fountain, Gerry’s family founded Chocolate Delight in 2004, which was one of the first companies to have a commercial chocolate fountain in the UK.

The firm was soon called on by corporate, event companies and celebrities to provide fountains for functions including film premieres and weddings, including Peter Andre and Katie Price’s in 2006.

In 2006 the Wilton family bought a 19th century, Grade II-listed hotel in Bournemouth, which was renovated to become The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, the world’s first chocolate-themed hotel.

Featuring chocolate-themed rooms, guests can sip chocolate cocktails, enjoy chocolate fountains and take part in one of the famous chocolate workshops, which include chocolate tasting and truffle making.

There are even lessons in how to create your very own chocolate handbag or shoes.

Today, Chocolate Delight hosts regular Chocolate Workshops at venues across the country, and also runs Corporate Chocolate Teambuilding events all over the UK and in Europe.