HERE at The Guide we’ve been holding back on doing this due to the ever-changing weather.

But hopefully it’s time to tell you about three gadgets, which are designed to take the stress out of gardening, so you can sit back and take in the rays when/if the sun shines.

Our pick of the week is the Bosch Indego Robotic Lawnmower, above left, £1,299 from Almost the ultimate luxury in gardening gadgets, this superb piece of kit will mow your lawn effortlessly.

Power it up and watch your grass go. This clever machine maps out your garden as it goes, creating the most efficient route for the best finish – and it returns to base when all is done.

Why not check out these other two gadgets for taking the strain out of gardening: The Wolf-Garten Li-Ion Chainsaw, right, £174.95 from It’s likely you’ll have a garden strimmer that removes weeds with ease, but when it comes to trimming those hardier hedges, you’ll be in need of something with a little bit more attitude.

This rechargeable electric chainsaw will run for up to 40 minutes on a full charge, amounting to about 110 cuts, and attack those branches with ease.

It’s lightweight and environmentally friendly too.

Finally, the iRobot Looj 330, above right, £299.99 from It will not get your grass any greener or do much soil based activity but this is most certainly a gadget that will save you a gardening headache, as the new Looj is a gutter-cleaning robot.

To ensure all those deposits in the drain don’t cause disruption, put it inside and watch as it blasts away the built-up debris while brushing gutters clean – and all by itself, to boot.