CHEERLEADERS, hand jives and quiffs – it can only mean one thing.

Grease is very much the word at the Weymouth Pavilion and WOW is spreading it.

The youth musical theatre company’s take on this High School romp was exquisitely choreographed with dance numbers like Born to Hand Jive showing off the twinkle-toed talent of 16-year-old Callum Miles Heinrich as male lead Danny Zuko.

And demonstrating his perfectly timed moves was Josh Brunell as Kenickie, who left me gasping as he leapt his way across the stage as the dazzling Grease Lightning car was unveiled.

I was ultra impressed with the attention to detail in the costumes – each character as I remembered them was wearing near identical costumes to those in the film.

And I should know this, having watched Grease every day of the six week summer holiday as a 12-year-old.

But this, of course, was the stage version and as a theatre-goer new to this experience, I particularly enjoyed hearing Doody having a chance to shine in Those Magic Changes and the humorous number Mooning performed by Roger, gamely played by Adrian Bevan.

Wonderful attention to detail is paid in this production – with the acquisition of a genuine Twinkies box as a prop and belly laughs succinctly slotted in, such as Jan’s seizing of a spare lunch.

The young performers sang together like the kind of well oiled machine that would give Grease Lightning a run for its money.

Harmonies during Beauty School Drop Out were the perfect build up for Teen Angel Luke Muldoon’s pitch perfect falsettos.

For me the stand-out moment was Cassandra Grindley as Rizzo belting out There Are Worse Things I Could Do, bringing to life the number’s poignancy and air of world-weariness.

And there are many worse things you could do than snap up some tickets to see these talented teenagers’ energetic and polished take on Grease.

l Grease continues at the Weymouth Pavilion tonight and closes tomorrow. Call 01305 783225 or visit for tickets