MAKE sure you’re full of seasonal cheer with The Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmassness!

Just to make sure that you’re well and truly in the Christmas spirit, head to Dorchester Arts in the first week of the winter holidays with The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmassness for two performances on Wednesday December 20 at Dorchester Corn Exchange.

Squashbox Theatre's new show is a celebration of everything Christmassy, from fir trees, fairy lights, sleigh bells and snowflakes to crackers, carols, presents and puddings!

Meet a snowman who lives in the fridge, try and spot some naughty elves, play hunt the brussel sprout, endure the world’s worst Christmas jumper and gaze at the “beautiful” Christmas fairy...

Learn about Yuletide traditions old and new, hear the story of the first Christmas Tree and even explore some festive science.

The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmasness is an over-stuffed stocking of seasonal surprises crammed with puppets, songs, quizzes and comedy, and over-flowing with crazy characters, silly slapstick, tall tales and fantastic facts - all presented in that unique Squashbox style!

*The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmassness, Dorchester Corn Exchange, Wednesday, December 20, at 2pm and 4.30pm. Contact Dorchester Arts or Dorchester TIC for tickets.