AT the age of five, Lee Memphis King watched Elvis Presley on TV and a life-long “obsession” began.

He had only just started school but his future career was decided as he copied his every move and sang his songs.

Some 40 years on, Lee says he is still striving to perfect his Elvis show – even though he has won awards for being the world’s best Elvis tribute.

Talking to the Echo ahead of his return visit to the Tivoli, in Wimborne this month he said: “I was a five year old kid when I first had this obsession with Elvis. I just loved his music immediately. He had everything- the looks, the moves and the songs.

“My parents liked rock ’n’ roll so I heard them listening to his records and that was it. When I look back I’ve always been able to impersonate people but I wanted to perfect his voice all through my life, and impersonate him – it’s kind of odd really.”

Over the last 10 years as Lee has toured his ‘One Night of Elvis’ he has picked up numerous accolades and has headlined and sold out some of the most prestigious venues across the UK and beyond. In August 2016 he completed a sell out concert tour of Israel, performing to over 8000 fans.

In this latest production, Lee Memphis King portrays Elvis Presley at his peak celebrating the iconic Vegas Years from 1969 - 1977 when Elvis performed in Las Vegas and toured throughout the US and Canada. The definitive record of these performances are contained in the films Elvis - That’s the Way It Is, Elvis On Tour and the Aloha from Hawaii’ concert.

Featuring the most authentic costumes and an orchestra of world class musicians and backing vocalists, this tribute show promises to “take the audience back in time to see Elvis the way he was”.

The show is also enhanced by a video screen projection mapping out Elvis’s life and music.

One Night of Elvis is on Saturday, January 20. For more information or to book tickets, visit