Long-term dancing partners and Strictly favourites Erin Boag and Anton Du Beke will take to the floor in Dorset tomorrow. Erin Boag tells The Guide about her relationship with housewives' favourite Anton and what fans can expect.

THEY have danced together for 20 years, and been touring for ten, but Erin Boag and Anton Du Beke still manage to make each show unique.

The pair are due to visit Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre this weekend, with their Broadway to Hollywood tour, and are promising something completely new for their legion of fans.

“It’s always something different,” Erin tells The Guide.

“We always go out with a different show every year - this isn’t the Brendan Cole show,” she jokes.

“We keep some of the elements - we have a big, live orchestra; we always do the ‘audience with’, but this year we have brand new numbers, brand new dresses and some new backing dancers.”

Yet Erin admits there will be some old favourites making something of a comeback to mark the couple’s decade on tour.

“This year it’s our 10th year of touring, so it’s very special,” she says.

“So with a couple of numbers we’ve looked back to long ago and brought back some of our favourites like Bo Jangles.

“We’ve changed bits and pieces, because time moves on. Plus, if you ask me what choreography I did ten years ago to Bo Jangles, I couldn’t tell you.

“And Somewhere In Time, we used that for a foxtrot we did.

“We always always said we would love to do that piece of music. People cry - in a good way, I hope. It’s so beautiful.”

Anton and Erin first met back in 1997. The couple quickly began to cut a dash through the dancing world and within a year of forming their inimitable partnership they won the New Zealand Championships... and again the year after.

In 1997 they also made it to the prestigious International Dance Championships at London's Royal Albert Hall.

After escalating the amateur rankings, Anton and Erin turned professional in 2002 to place third in the UK in their first professional competition in Blackpool. Wins, accolades and much recognition were to follow as they continued to work the competition circuit, honing their talents.

In 2004 the couple were chosen to star in the first series of Strictly Come Dancing and the rest, as they say, is history.

Strictly Come Dancing was a rebirth of Come Dancing with popular presenter the late Bruce Forsyth at the helm. The show burst onto our screens and has gone on to become a global phenomenon. Anton has appeared in all 15 series to date, and Erin is the only female professional to appear in 10, stepping down from the competition prior to the birth of her son.

Among the celebrity partners Erin has appeared with are Martin Offiah, Julian Clary, Colin Jackson, Peter Schmeichel, Willie Thorne and Austin Healey.

The tour began last month, but Bournemouth is always one of the highlights for Erin and Anton, who are doing two shows in the town this time, in a bid to appeal to fans of all ages.

“Bournemouth is always lovely,” smiles Erin, who is now able to enjoy having her son Ewan in the audience as well.

“Ewan started to go last year when he was about two-and-half,” she remembers.

“But we have to be in an area that they can get up and get out. This year he’s about three, three-and-a-quarter, so he will probably sit for half the show.

“He thinks Uncle Anton is great, but he always says ‘why is Uncle Anton dancing with that girl?’, if he’s dancing with someone else on Strictly - he doesn’t quite get it.”

When Ewan isn’t watching his mum and Uncle Anton on stage, he stays home with Erin’s mother, who flies in from New Zealand every year.

“He thinks it’s wonderful having nanna here, and I know what when I’m gone, he’s fine,” she says.

“Anton’s wife is around (to look after the couple’s 11-month-old twins), but when we are local within a couple of hours we will go and do the show and then come home.

“So we try and keep things as normal as possible. You make it work - it’s not like we are away for three months and don’t come home.”

After so long dancing together, Erin and Anton are understandably like family - in fact Erin likens their partnership to a marriage.

“You have your wonderful moments, but you have your very intense moments where you can’t stand him,” she laughs.

“But the next day it’s all forgotten. I have a certain respect for him.”

They do spend some time apart - when Anton is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, Erin does corporate work around the country with fellow professional and former Strictly star Ian Waite.

On her rare days off, Erin enjoys spending time with her family and, although she admits “days like that are pretty precious”, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I never go ‘gosh, I have to go to work today,” she smiles, “I’m very lucky like that.”

*Anton & Erin - Broadway to Hollywood is at Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre on Saturday, February 3. Contact the box office for tickets.