AN ALTERNATIVE festival, Colourfest, returns to Gaunts House in Wimborne for the seventh year this spring.

Described as, “a restorative alternative to the many hedonistic music festivals throughout the UK”, Colourfest is a drug and alcohol-free celebration of yoga, dance, music, ceremony, theatre and arts, which runs from Thursday, May 31 to Sunday, June 3.

Set amid open landscapes, stunning vistas and ancient trees, the alcohol and drug-free event offers a With yoga at the festival’s heart, the many workshops, performances and fun-filled activities are infused with its spirit and ethos, bringing the chance for deep connection and nourishment, and generating a calm and uplifting ambience.

Robbie Newman, co-organiser of Colourfest says: “Colourfest blends inner rest with more active expressions and promises to be playful, enriching and insightful, celebrating the many colours of life. The delicious blend of yoga, movement, music, creativity and spirited celebration leaves you feeling connected, in the flow, and full of the joy of being alive.”

A variety of workshops will be available covering yoga, dance, and the psychology of movement.

Dance highlights include ceremonial dance with African dance superstar Denise Rowe; the UK’s first ecstatic dance band, The Urubu Collective; and silent 5 Rhythms dancing in the woods with disco headsets.

Rowan Cobelli, co-organiser of Colourfest says: “Upbeat, nurturing and family-friendly, Colourfest is a constantly evolving gem of a gathering created for people looking for a connecting and restorative festival experience.

“Our programme caters for those just starting to explore themselves and life in a deeper way, as well as offering more intensive opportunities for those more experienced in transformative work. Alongside the uplifting workshops, keeping the event alcohol and drug free really charges the atmosphere in beautiful ways.”

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