Theatrical adventure Rustle is coming to Maumbury Rings in Dorchester on Thursday, August 23 at 2pm.

It will be presented by the PaddleBoat Theatre Company.

The company is setting up camp in the great outdoors to tell the greatest campfire story ever told: where sleeping bags become monsters, rucksacks become friends, torches illuminate the forest’s darkest secrets.

Imagine that you’re far from home, playing in the woods all on your own and all is still and calm and clear - But what’s that rustle you can hear?

Is it the wind blowing through the trees? Is it the sound of falling leaves?

Or is the rustle that you hear the sound of something drawing near…

Join Paddleboat for an interactive family show full of stories, puppetry, music and mime, and help us survive in the outside world as the sound of rustling gets closer and closer.

The performance will go ahead come rain or shine – with an exception for thunder – so make sure you bring blankets and picnics and join PaddleBoat around the campfire.

Tickets cost £8 for adults, £6 for children, £25 for families. Call 01305 266926 for more information.