RICHARD Pask of Weymouth, a checkers grandmaster, has written a book on the game he loves.

Richard has just had Checkers for the Novice published. Checkers is the American word for draughts - it's exactly the same game.

This 170 page paperback features 128 diagrams, and is presented in the form of 50 logical, step-by-step lessons.

As the title implies, it assumes no knowledge of the game, and takes the novice through all the key material needed to master the first two of 10 recognised playing levels.

Level one is for the basic novice (90% of the population) and level two is for the advanced novice (9% of the population)

As a fledgling expert, just entering level three, the reader will be in a position to defeat 99% of the people they meet.

Checkers for the Novice has been described as 'Easily the best beginner's book in the history of the game.' by Bob Newell, editor of The Checker Maven website.

*Checkers for the Novice by Richard Pask is available from Amazon for £5.49 where it is possible to view some of the pages, including the contents.