SEE an exhibition dedicated to the escapades of diver Ted Nicklin in Weymouth this weekend.

BOOM! A tribute to the late Ted Nicklin will be seen at Weymouth Old Town Hall, the High Street, Weymouth, today, Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 3pm.

Visitors will be able to enjoy an oral history of Ted's adventures that unlock the story of his artefacts and photographs. This was put together by Grahame Knott of Deeper Dorset and Selwyn Williams, who interviewed Ted three years ago.

Ted first snorkelled and scuba-dived in France, often making his own ancillary equipment from Second World War aeroplane parts.

He spent a lot of time diving with a friend in Cornwall and helped him to salvage wrecks and it was then that Ted took an explosives course. Fed up with driving long distances from London to dive at weekends, he moved down to Weymouth and got a day job using his diving experience and engineering skills at the AUWE.

Teh exhibition tells of Ted's exploits from the 1950s.

In the late 60s and early 70s he bought several WW1 shipwrecks like the Binnendijk, Ailsa Craig and the U boat UB74. Having formed a diving group called Channel Divers they went about salvaging non ferrous metals from these wrecks and Ted’s explosives skill came to forth when blowing propellers and condensers out of the wrecks. When asked about wreck research he said he left that to one of the others as he just “liked to blow things up”.

Eventually it became uneconomic to salvage shipwrecks so Ted then joined up with another local diver John Butcher to carry out commercial diving ventures in the harbour and around the coast, often using his explosives skill to relay sewer outfalls for instance.

Entry is free but donations are most welcome.