A MARINE artist whose work is set to go on show in the USA is also showing her work as part of Purbeck Arts Weeks this week.

Lusea Warner-Gale, 33, of West Lulworth, paints large semi abstract paintings of the south west coast.

She said she is ‘delighted’ to have been accepted to display her work in the Blue Mind exhibition in Jamestown, New York state. The exhibition was set up by American writer/marine biologist Dr. Wallace J.Nicholls; who lectures on how being near, in, on or underwater can make you a healthier, happier, more connected and better at what you do.

Lusea says these ideas run through her work and she believes having access to water in our daily lives enhances our wellbeing. Her paintings are painted on a sculpted background, on canvas. They aim to capture the raw, elemental voice of the sea.

She added: "They act as windows for our domestic, social and working environments to help enable us to withhold a daily connection to the purest form of water, the sea.”

*The exhibition will be held at the 3rdon3rd Gallery, Reg Lenna Center of The Arts, Jamestown, New York from June 1 to July 27. If you would like to view Lusea’s work closer to home, Lusea will be exhibiting with Purbeck Arts Weeks at the Shoot Room, Park Lodge, East Lulworth, BH20 5QP from May 25 to June 9.

See lusea.co.uk www.instagram.com/lusea_artist