IT seems the length of the journey between Weymouth and London has only got a little faster in the last 112 years as we can see from this advert from bygone days.

Deemed the shortest, quickest and best route, London and South Western Railway (LSWR) boasted a journey time of about three hours back in 1907. Luncheon and dining cars perused the aisles of all classes from first to third, much like the refreshment trolley that we enjoy today. The company also offered special tourist tickets during the summer, highlighting Weymouth's position as a renowned holiday destination.

Passengers were invited to write to Mr Henry Holmes, Superintendent of the Line, for the full details of the train services on offer and to acquire cheap tickets.

The LSWR's network extended from London Waterloo to Plymouth via Southampton, with branches connecting to Bournemouth, Ilfracrombe and Padstow. After almost 100 years of operation, the network amalgamated with other railways in 1923 to create the Southern Railway.