A PLAY about three sisters at their mother’s funeral has become a real family affair. The Memory Of Water, which will be performed at Portland’s Royal Manor Theatre next week, focuses on three sisters gathered for their mother’s funeral.

Two of the characters, troubled Mary and spirited Catherine, are played by Rebecca and Carla Green and their ‘dead’ mother Vi is played by their real-life mum Lis Green.

Jo Cheverton plays the third and eldest sister, neurotic Teresa.

Mike and Frank, the menfolk of two of the sisters, are played by Chris Wadley and Mark Sampson-Vincent.

Each woman is haunted by their own demons, each remembering the same events from their childhood, but from different perspectives.

Mary is carrying more than her fair share of pain but can interact with the spirit of her mother.

Catherine is a free spirit and Teresa considers herself to be the organiser of events – until she has a drink inside her.

The Olivier Award-winning play was written by Shelagh Stephenson and seamlessly blends high comedy with the deepest family tragedy.

Director Sally Laming said: “It is a super play. Becky Green brought it to my attention and I read it through once and could immediately see all the people in the parts.

“It is both sad and funny, a proper good British comedy – one of the best in the world. It brings you to tears once or twice, but will really make you laugh too.”

Sally also has nothing but praise for her cast who she says have been working extremely closely together, despite the fact that the past few weeks of rehearsals have been rather fraught thanks to absences due to holidays and other summer arrangements.

The Memory Of Water runs from September 13 to 18. Tickets cost £8 plus concessions and can be reserved online at rmtcportland.co.uk and on 01305 860792.You can also call this number if you are interested in joining the company.