FIREFIGHTERS attended an emergency call to a block of flats in Dorchester after oven gloves caught ablaze.

Retained firefighters from the county town responded to the incident at Homechester House, supported accommodation properties, in High West Street at 5.43pm today.

A Dorset Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said the emergency call was made to report that fire alarms were sounding in Homechester House.

Upon arrival, firefighters located a small fire in one of the flats involving oven gloves, which had been left on the cooker hob.

The oven gloves were completely destroyed. There was also slight fire damage caused to the work top and remainder of the flat by smoke.

The spokesman said: "The cause was accidental."

He added: "Dorset Fire and Rescue Service would like to remind people not to leave items unattended on cookers and to always ensure they have a working smoke alarm."

Firefighters remained on the scene until 6.08pm.