RE: ‘Council leader hits back over Pavilion internet campaign’ on Friday, January 25, I write this open letter to Coun Mike Goodman: Sir, alluding to your career as a Royal Navy officer, I remind you Weymouth & Portland Borough (W&PB) is not your ship, it is our town. We are not your crew; we are the citizens of W&PB. We are not bound to note your concerns; you are bound by elected status to note ours.

What right have you to ignore communications from citizens of W&PB? What arrogance leads you to, “delete 20, 30 or 40 emails at a time,” without reading them? Do the people of W&PB communicate with you for fun? Do you not have a duty to read correspondence from your constituents and deal with it an appropriate manner?

When I correspond with my MP and his predecessor I always receive a prompt, courteous and detailed reply. Do you consider yourself absolved from treating people in such a manner?

If you are unwilling to offer the people of W&PB due respect in accordance with your role as their elected representative in matters of the governance of W&PB, then you have no right to continue in your current position. I therefore formally call upon you to resign.

I make that same call to all W&PB councillors who believe themselves to be above dealing respectfully with their constituents.

Meantime, W&PB lurches from crisis to crisis. If it is not the Pavilion, it is the ferry terminal; if it is not the ferry terminal, it is the bridge; if it is not the bridge, it is the harbour; if it is not the harbour, it is the beach...

Yet you, CounMike Goodwin, have the temerity to publicly claim that the people of W&PB have, ‘caused an enormous amount of inconvenience and inefficiency’. Think again!

Ian Sedwell Greenhill, Weymouth