A CHILD molesting ex-chaplain from Dorchester has been jailed for 30 months for sexual offences against young girls.

Frederick William Vernon Noy, aged 65, was convicted of two counts of indecency with a child dating back several decades.

Noy, who had worked as a chaplain for the deaf in Dorset, was found guilty of being indecent with a girl while out on a walk in woods near Dorchester when his victim was aged between five and 10 years old.

The second charge related to an incident at his home in Casterbridge Road, Dorchester, with a female victim who was around 10 years old.

Noy, pictured below, was found guilty by a jury in January and the case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

Noy had left the church in 1980 to set up a garage business, but he continued to act as a locum minister when required up until his arrest in 2011. Both victims remained silent for many years but one came forward in 2009 and the other in 2011 after finding out Noy was still working with children.

In a victim impact statement read to Dorchester Crown Court, one of his victims called him an ‘animal’ who had ‘destroyed my life’. The court heard that Judge Roger Jarvis had received letters in support of Noy from several members of the community.

In mitigation, Robin Leach asked the judge to see this showed a different side to Noy. He said: “He has in a sense suffered punishment because he has let his family down.

“He is lucky to have an extremely close family who have supported him throughout but he accepts by these convictions he has let them down.

“He also has to live with the stigma of these convictions so that when he is released he is going to suffer.”

He also asked the judge to consider Noy’s heart problems when sentencing, fearing that the stress ‘may cause severe, or even acute cardiac arrest’.

The court heard from David Scutt, prosecuting, that Noy had been a trusted man and had let down those who trusted him when he committed these offences.

Sentencing Noy to 15 months for each of the offences to run consecutively, Judge Jarvis said: “I am quite sure that this conviction has brought dismay and distress to your family.

“But they now have to accept the fact that you are a molester of little girls.

He added: “You are ordained into the church – the sort of person that people would instinctively trust.”

Noy was placed on the Sex Offenders Register and made the subject of a Sexual Offences Preven-tion Order indefinitely.

Diocese ‘taking it very seriously’

AFTER the sentence, a spokesman for the Diocese of Salisbury said: “The Diocese of Salisbury takes safeguarding extremely seriously and recognises the gravity of the offences committed by Mr Noy.

“We are pleased that justice has been done but we are also aware of the ongoing suffering caused to survivors and their families. The diocese does everything possible to ensure that all human beings are safe in their interaction with those who exercise a public ministry.”