THE community of Charmouth has welcomed the re-opening of the village library by a team of local volunteers.

The library, now known as Charmouth Central, was the busiest it has ever been as residents took a first look at the revamped facility.

It has been closed since January for building and decorating work and was revealed to the public last Thursday.

It marks the official handover of the freehold of the building from Dorset County Council to Charmouth Central.

Hazel Robinson, chairman of the Friends of Charmouth Library, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that everyone has come – it’s been absolutely heaving.

“I didn’t think we would ever get it done it time, but we did.

“We have picked up a lot of new volunteers but we could always do with more.

“Everyone has been enthusiastic – I think they have liked what we have done and I think they can see it's a new regime and that we are going to try and make it of far more use to the village.”

Angela Healy and Joan Aldworth were curious to see the work the volunteers had done.

Mrs Healy said: “I’m pleased it’s staying open. There are people in the village who really rely on it. A lot of hard work has gone in.”

Mrs Aldworth started going to the village library 50 years ago and was impressed with the new look.

“It’s a lovely idea for the village, as long as people use it,” she said.

Carolyn Sparks worked in libraries for 10 years and appreciates how valuable the service is.

She said: “We are just thrilled it has been able to stay open.”