A LOCAL author said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the response as she launched her first novel in Dorchester.

County town resident Emily Pattullo has taken on the hard-hitting subject of child trafficking as the focus of her first book, Ring Around Rosie.

The story shows the $32billion global industry through the eyes of a 14-year-old victim.

It has been out as an e-book for several months but has now been printed in hardback and Emily held a book signing and launch event at Waterstones to mark the occasion.

The 38-year-old, who runs her own writing, copy editing and proof-reading business, said: “It was completely overwhelming how many people came.

“I think it might have had something to with the fact they were intrigued by the fact it’s about child trafficking and a lot of people were there out of pure curiosity.

“I sold all my books so it was a really brilliant and successful night.”

Mother-of-two Emily said she has written the novel to warn teenagers about the dangers of child trafficking.

She said: “Child trafficking is a very real threat to all our children.

“Even if they’re not directly affected, children are likely to be faced with the growing problem at some point in their lives.”

The novel reached third spot on Amazon’s bestseller list for action and adventure, finding itself in good company behind The Jungle Book and Treasure Island and was also number three for teen’s mysteries and thrillers.

Emily said, while she had enjoyed her story’s success as an e-book, it was an exciting step to see it now in print form and copies on the shelves in a book shop.

She said: “It’s a completely different experience with it actually being a physical book.

“There is something about holding it in your hand which just makes it seem all the more real.”

Emily said she has always been a keen writer, starting off her career in the magazine industry, and publishing her own novel has long been her ‘ultimate aim’.

She added: “Hopefully there will be lots more to follow.”

For more information about Emily and her book visit www.emilypattullo.com.