THE LATEST wave of residents have moved into Dorchester’s Brewery Square development.

More than a dozen people have taken up ownership of apartments in the Fairfield building in the heart of the £100million town centre scheme.

With the entrance sandwiched between the Odeon cinema and soon-to-be-open Pizza Express restaurant, the new Fairfield residents have immediate access to the rapidly increasing range of offerings at the development.

Andrew Wadsworth, director of Waterhouse, which is developing the site in partnership with Resolution Property, said that nearly all of the 66 apartments in the latest phase had now been taken up and there was already plenty of interest in the next phase of the scheme, which is not due completion for up to 18 months.

He said: “We have only got eight apartments left in the current phase.

“Quite a few people in this building and others in the first phase bought theirs two or three years ago.”

Mr Wadsworth said that, with the raft of new businesses opening and residents moving in to the apartments, the scheme was starting to come alive with the development already developing a community feel.

He said: “It will be a much nicer atmosphere to have so many people living in the centre of town.

“It’s about to get much busier but it’s already got a nice community of people and that will get bigger and more interesting.”

Owermoigne couple Wendy and Peter Jeyes were handed the keys to their apartment three weeks ago after agreeing to the purchase around 12 months previously, although they plan to lease out the flat rather than move in themselves.

They said they were impressed with the quality of the apartment and the spacious balcony and were glad to be a part of the Brewery Square project.

Mrs Jeyes said: “I think the whole thing is great for Dorchester, it’s a great asset for the town and the quality of the build is second to none.”

Her husband said he was confident there would be no shortage of interest when it came to letting the property.

Mr Jeyes said: “They are definitely good investments.”