CREATURES from the Jurassic Coast are being immortalised in stone.

Sculptor Jonathan Sells is carving out their place in history with a new work at Lulworth Cove.

His five-feet-tall sculpture depicts life that evolved during the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic time periods up to 250 million years ago.

The one-tonne piece was commissioned by the Lulworth Estate to celebrate the world heritage site.

Lulworth head ranger Maddy Pfaff said: “As well as being a work of art, this huge carving is also educational and fascinating.

“It stands in pride of place outside the entrance to the Heritage Centre, in Lulworth Cove, setting the scene for what visitors are about to see next.” Jonathan, who is from Corfe Castle, has carved out a reputation for quirky pieces.

He said: “This work was carved in situ so the public could see my progress and techniques.

“Part of my technique is to immerse myself in the subject. “To get these shapes, I needed to know how a dinosaur might have moved, so I tried to walk like one – it got me some funny looks.”

30 years' experience

JONATHAN has more than 30 years of experience creating pieces of artwork. 

As well as his own conceptions he has worked successfully with architects, public bodies and individuals on a wide range of commissions.

He has produced several large sculptures and commemorative plaques for public places including a piece depicting Christchurch Priory where he was the artist in residence after winning a major sculpture competition for the commission. 

Jonathan is based in Corfe Castle and a lot of his work is created in local Purbeck and Portland Stone.

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