COULD these lights be proof of an extra-terrestrial visit to Dorset?

Echo reader Mark Lichtensteiger snapped the pictures and this video when he stopped at the beauty spot overlooking Zig Zag Hill.

He said: “At first I thought it was some sort of helicopter display or formation but when the lights disappeared there was absolutely nothing there.

“They came back on and then kept flashing on and off, all at different times.

“There must have been five or six lights, which were all stationary in the sky.”

Mr Lichtensteiger, of Gillingham, said he was ‘baffled’ by what the lights could have been.

“I’ve asked a few people, and even checked it out with the Army, but no one seems to know.

“It does fuel your imagination a bit.”

He added that the lights, which were sighted at the beauty spot near Shaftesbury, attracted a lot of attention from passers-by, who stopped to have a look.

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