MORE than 100 women queued to win a free pair of shoes at the opening of a new Hobbs store in Dorchester today.

Mayor of Dorchester, Stella Jones, declared the store in Brewery Square officially open at 11am this morning.

The new store also offered the first 30 women outside the shop a free pair of shoes.

Normally, Hobbs shoe prices range from £79 for ballet pumps and up to £279 for a pair of winter boots.

Amy Huskisson, 30 from Somerset, was first in the queue with her brother and arrived at 7.40am. She said: “I’m a teacher and this is the last week I am off for the summer holidays so thought I’d come down.

“Free shoes are an excellent advertising tool and I really love the store, I’m looking to get a pair of new winter boots.”

Kayleigh-Anne Soryal, Hobbs PR coordinator, said: “We’ve had ladies queuing from 7.30am this morning.

“We’ve had a really good response from customers this month and many are excited to see the new store.

“Brewery Square is an excellent location and I’m sure the shop will be very prosperous here in Dorchester.”

Hobbs is the latest store to open in the Dorchester complex and will be followed by a Gerry Weber store nearby in the next few months.

Mayor Stella Jones said: “It’s wonderful to have a London fashion store in Dorchester and we will do better for having it in the town.

“I’m sure it will also encourage lots of shoppers and that it will do well.”

Hobbs Manager Victoria Gannon said the response so far has been unbelievable, and the busy queue this morning seems to be a good sign for things to come.

She added that many people said they’ve been waiting for a Hobbs store in Dorchester, and the team are looking forward to seeing how the store progresses.

Andrew Wadsworth, Brewery Square developer, said: “Hobbs will lead where others follow; they were the first to sign up for the scheme four years ago and it is excellent to see the store finally open.”

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