A MOTHER whose body was found in the sea at Weymouth took her own life.

An inquest into the death of Karen Bailey heard that in March the 48-year-old had driven to Dorset where she intended suicide.

The businesswoman’s car was found by police in a car park at Lulworth Cove after she was reported missing.

Her mobile phone was found on a clifftop nearby. On it was an unsent text message to her former husband saying ‘goodbye’, the inquest at Dorset County Hall was told.

Her body was found in the sea by Greenhill Gardens by a walker on March 24.

Doctor Mark Deverell told the inquest that a post mortem could not ascertain the cause of death, but it was likely to be from immersion in water.

The inquest heard that Mrs Bailey had suffered some mental health problems and had been admitted to a clinic in November last year and January this year.

Giving evidence, her former husband said Mrs Bailey told him she would go to Dorset to commit suicide because it held sentimental value.

He reported her missing on March 20 after she failed to attend an appointment in London, where she lived.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner for Dorset Sheriff Payne said: “The evidence sadly indicates that she has done all this deliberately.

"She has taken herself away from her normal home, location and work and driven to Dorset, an area she loved and had particular meaning to her.”