PEOPLE were left ‘risking their lives’ as works were carried out at a busy Dorchester junction, a local resident has claimed.

Dorset County Council recently undertook resurfacing work around the Top O’Town roundabout but Victor Bingham says the removal of zebra crossing road markings while it was carried out resulted in a ‘lethal’ crossing for pedestrians.

He said: “It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

“All the local traffic was decent enough to stop and let people cross but all the other traffic was just going straight through so you just had to risk your life.”

The crossing concerned was the one between the Top O’Town car park and the Thomas Hardy statue and Mr Bingham joked that he would hate to think what the writer would have made of it.

He added that, while the crossing was only removed for a short time while work was carried out, it had caused considerable inconvenience to people during that period.

Mr Bingham said: “There were people saying on the day that they were risking their lives at this lethal crossing.

“I have not come across anything like that, it’s a busy zebra crossing with traffic coming off it and they chose to just remove it.

“You had to go out and stop the traffic yourself.

“It’s a dangerous enough crossing when the crossing is there anyway.”

A spokesman for Dorset County Council stated that the works were part of a wider programme of road resurfacing that also included works at Fortuneswell, The Grove in Dorchester and the C12 between Loders Garage and the Sun Inn at Lower Burton.

The spokesman added that the zebra crossing markings were removed for one day while the road surfacing between the Top O’Town roundabout and Loders Garage was carried out.

She said: “The road surface and all its markings were reinstated overnight, to minimise disruption to traffic.”