A PHOTOGRAPHER feared missing after reports of a man falling into the sea in Lyme Regis has come forward and said it was probably him.

The man came forward on Sunday afternoon and told the emergency services it was “probably him” who was feared missing and that he was safe.

Coastguards, RNLI Lifeboat and the RNLI helicopter carried out an intensive search for 90 minutes in gale force winds on Saturday night from 6pm, and called off the search after finding nothing at about 7.30pm.

They were responding to a call from Tim Cameron and his partner Debbie Rich, who phoned emergency services after seeing a man taking photographs on the Cobb, and then when they looked back he had gone.

Mr Cameron said: “We thought it was a bit silly to be on the wall in such windy conditions, but when we turned round again after about 30 seconds the man had gone.

“We called 999 just in case, but we explained that we did not see the man fall.”