A FORMER chaplain accused of historic sexual offences against a child told a jury that he is very ‘hurt' and ‘confused’ about allegations made against him.

Frederick Noy, aged 66, of Casterbridge Road, Dorchester, who is on trial at Bournemouth Crown Court, denies the allegations made by a woman, who came forward after seeing a report in a January edition of the Dorset Echo of Noy on trial for similar offences towards young girls.

Noy was jailed for those offences and arrested for the most recent allegations days later.

He is now facing one count of gross indecency with a child between 1982 and 1988 and another of indecent assault with the same child between 1984 and 1985.

On day three of the trial, Judge Johnson reminded the jury that they were being told details of the previous trial as ‘simply part of the evidential procedure’.

Giving evidence at his trial and referring to the previous case, Noy said: “I acknowledge the convictions of the court and I accept what the court decided but I do not agree with the verdicts.”

He added that the current charges had made him feel ‘confused’ and ‘bewildered’ and that he couldn’t understand why the alleged victim was making them.

Evidence, including account books from Noy’s garage business, was shown to the jury by Mary Aspinall-Miles, defending, who argued that Noy had been busy at work most of the time and had ‘limited contact’ with the alleged victim.

When asked by the defence what his memories of the woman, now 38, were at the time of the allegations, Noy told the court that she had been ‘delightful, slim and attractive with lovely hair’.

Prosecuting, David Scutt said: “Is it that we have seen a window into your real thoughts when you described a ten-year-old girl as slim and attractive?”

He added: “You won't accept a single wrong-doing in relation to this case or in relation to your conviction. You had a sexual interest in that little girl.”

He told the court that Noy had used his ‘position of trust’ as a chaplain to gain the trust of young girls and their parents. The jury was passed copies of the Echo article which was seen by the alleged victim and led to her making contact with the police.

The woman claims Noy committed indecent acts towards her in a bathroom ‘more than once’ and said the second allegation of indecent assault relates to a time when she was with Noy in a tent.

She also told the court earlier in the trial how Noy would allegedly drive naked in his car while giving her a lift.

The court was told how the last alleged incident took place when Noy attempted to get into a camp bed with her before she told him to leave.

Noy, who used to work as a mechanic and a chaplain to the deaf on weekends, was convicted this year of sex offences against two young girls dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.

The trial continues.