TWO Weymouth ‘skater girls’ have built up speed with their new venture after filming an official music video for a top popstar.

Sadie Osborne and Rosie Flaherty found themselves filming a video for songstress Kate Nash less than a year after setting up Skate Girls Productions.

Their company, which offers photography, filming and organises events to promote skate and surf culture, was asked to film ‘I Hate You This Christmas’ after meeting Foundations singer Kate through a band she manages.

Working with the outspoken popstar was the perfect pairing for Skate Girl Productions, Sadie, 24, said.

“Kate is doing her own thing in music now and has gone her own way. She wants more girls to get involved in music and we want more girls to get involved in skating.”

The duo plan to host a series of events in Weymouth that will encourage more girls and women to give skateboarding, or longboarding, a go.

Rosie, 25, said: “Sadie and I both like skating but every skate park seems to be overrun by boys. We would like to see more girls get involved.”

Sadie, who works for Weymouth Community Volunteers and is a freelance photographer, said they would like to hear from people of both genders who want to try skating.

“It’s about building up confidence to do other things, it’s not just about the skating.

“If you feel passionate about trying to do something then you should be able to give it a go without worrying about people laughing at you.”

Sadie added: “Someone said to me ‘you’re 24-year-old, why are you on a skateboard?’ “I say to them ‘I use my skateboard as a form of transport, it saves money and I don’t have to use a car.”

Weymouth College gym worker Rosie said she loved skateboarding when she was younger but never had the confidence to go to the skate park.

“So many girls seem to be skating now. We think it would be good to have a girls’ skate night.

“We want to reach out to some of the schools and speak to The Front skate park to see if we could hold an event there.

“It’s such a nice feeling skating down Weymouth promenade with the wind in your hair, it’s just about having the confidence.

“We want to encourage girls to be independent and to do sport like this.”

Sadie and Rosie are keen to hear from anyone who would like to give skating or any form of skate and surf culture a go.

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Setting the scene

SHOT in Harrow on the Hill and North Harrow, ‘I Hate You This Christmas’ shows Kate discovering a significant other has cheated on her and turning to skateboarding.

The video has clocked up nearly 38,000 views on YouTube and has been played on MTV.

Sadie said: “Working with Kate was awesome, we gelled instantly. She’s very laid back and relaxed but knows exactly what she wants. She’s an extremely passionate person and brilliant with what she does, we all share similar ethics in what we do, which is reaching out to people using our talents.”

Sadie and Rosie, who specialise in video production, photography and events management, also filmed Kate performing at the Reading Festival, Leeds Festival and Manchester Pride.