LORD Sugar may want to take note of the budding business exploits of little Rhiannon Chapman.

At just five years old the Isle of Portland Aldridge Academy (IPACA) youngster is already showing signs of becoming an enterprising business leader.

Rhiannon was given just £10 to get a business project off the ground as the IPACA took part in a national project.

The determined youngster spent the money on lemons and other ingredients to make her own lemonade and headed down to Weymouth town centre to set up a stall and start selling her drinks.

Within an hour-and-a-half she had sold out but, rather than resting on her laurels, Rhiannon spent some of her profits on more ingredients and headed down to St Mary Street the following day and set up her stall with more lemonade outside the Fantastic Sausage Factory.

In total over the weekend the budding entrepreneur made around £200.

Mum Sharon said: “With the first £10 she made she could only make a five-litre container worth but she went and bought more and made ten litres and went back the next day and she sold out in under two hours.

“It’s because she’s so cute and got the cute factor people were just giving her money without even buying lemonade.”

She added that people also liked Rhiannon’s ‘big voice’ as she pulled in the punters.

From the money she raised through the project 40 per cent will go to charity, 20 per cent goes to Rhiannon’s school and she gets to keep the remaining 40 per cent.

Sharon said: “When I asked he what she’s going to do with the money she said ‘I’m going to buy more lemons’.”

She added that little Rhiannon had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of running her own business and it had been a good learning experience.

Sharon said: “She’s absolutely loved it.

“Hopefully she’s showed you’re never too young to start in business.

“She’s really enjoyed squeezing all the lemons as well.”

Rhiannon added: “It’s been brilliant.”

Mum Sharon said Rhiannon could also branch out with her business plans after she had been inspired by Dennis Spurr at the Fantastic Sausage Factory.

When asked about her future plans, Rhiannon added: “I’m going to sell sausages.”

Rhiannon was taking part in Young Enterprise’s Tenner Challenge, where students are pledged £10 and have a month to make a profit.

Students are free to donate the profits to charity or keep for themselves.

For more information visit tenner.org.uk or young-enterprise.org.uk