CHILDREN in Maiden Newton got their wiggle on to support a charity event.

Giant Wiggle events were held at three venues across the village to mark the 145th anniversary of Action for Children and the 45th birthday of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The challenge was taken on by Kelly Critchell, a director of the Fizzy Boppers dance group for babies and toddlers and member of the Maiden Newton Pre-School, toddler group and Bouncing Beanz after school club.

Events were held at Greenford Primary School and the pre-school at the village Youth and Community Centre as well as the Fizzy Bopper session at the village hall.

Money raised on the day went to support Action for Children as well as the local campaign for a new building for the pre-school and Bouncing Beanz group.

Kelly said: “We liaised with Action for Children and they very kindly agreed that we can split the fundraising between their charity and our local charity, Maiden Newton Pre-School & Bouncing Beanz.

“The money raised for the pre-school and after school club will go towards the funding needed to move the children to a more appropriate building in our local community.”

She added: “The Giant Wiggle is a sponsored activity for children. “During the Fizzy Boppers sessions we danced to a new wiggle song and then formed our own giant caterpillar, a little bit like a conga line.

“All the children that took part in the Giant Wiggle received a lovely sticker and bookmark inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a reminder of the day.”

The Giant Wiggle was also replicated at other Fizzy Boppers sessions throughout the week in Netherbury, Dorchester and Crossways.

Kelly said: “We saw some wonderful wiggling caterpillars throughout the week and great fun was had by all.”

For more information about how to make a donation to the cause or to find out more about Fizzy Boppers sessions email Kelly at or visit