LOVERS of a Weymouth beach are being asked to throw their support behind a petition aiming to re-establish access to the popular attraction.

Privately-owned Sandsfoot Beach has been a popular visitor spot for decades, but following a landslip and the removal of the steps in February 2013 for safety reasons there has been no access to the beach from Old Castle Road for more than a year.

Local parent and Green Party member Clare Sutton has now organised a petition to urge Weymouth and Portland Borough Council to work closely with Dorset County Council, local landowners and businesses and the community to find a solution.

Miss Sutton said: “It is a wonderful local asset and lots of people I’ve spoken to really miss it.

“Growing up in Weymouth we used it all the time to get away from the crowds and it has always been an open space where local teenagers can go to experience some freedom in relative safety.

“It’s also a really safe place for young children and really popular with kayakers, people digging for bait, and dog walkers too.

“On a sunny day I’ve counted over a hundred people down there.

“While we know the borough council doesn’t have the money to undertake massive physical works, we’re concerned that local councillors don’t seem to be interested in this issue.

“If enough of us tell the council we want our beach back, maybe they will help us.”

Parent Lyndsey Diment added that the beach has always been a hidden treasure of Weymouth.

She added: “Holidaymakers who have found it have really enjoyed an alternative to the main beach. “A few years ago Clare, I and other mums from Holy Trinity School used to take our children down there after school every week for a big picnic.

“There was a really strong sense of community and we would all urge the council to do what it can to re-establish access.”

Anyone who wants to support the petition can sign it at or the petition will be taken door to door in the local area.

If you would like to sign the petition but cannot access it online, call Ms Sutton on 01305 771180 or 07917 691434.